By: Kara Williams

World AIDS Day has many meaning for many different people. For some it is a time to reflect on those who we have lost to the disease or a time to reflect on how far we have advanced since the 1980’s. World AIDS Day 2017, Area 7 regional staff wanted to show appreciation to a group who are often forgotten, those who work with the patients, from at most times, ground zero. Those who have dedicated several, and in most cases over 20 years of hard work and dedication to the clients of Central Florida. We wanted to dedicate World AIDS Day 2017, to the providers within our county health departments. From Orange County Health Department we are honoring, Dr. Solero, Dr. Hopkins, Dr. Desai, Patricia Stewart, ARNP, Ana RuaDobles ,ARNP. From Seminole County Health Department we are honoring Karen West, ARNP and Dr. Meena Joseph. Osceola County Health Department Dr. Radu Clincea, and Anneris Delgado, PA. Comprehensive Health Care in Brevard County Dr. Ronald Cathcart and Dr. Katie Fillion. We thank them and appreciate them for all of their dedication and continued service.

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