HIV Community Resources.

In our fast-paced world, information is more accessible than ever. Here, you can stay connected to the latest research, programs, and news about HIV prevention. Check below to check out current programs, community advisory committees, groups, and links below for useful information and personal support available here in Central Florida.

Seeking support

Since HIV is a chronic illness, consider talking with someone who can help you through this difficult time. To help you begin the process of entering care and treatment, your primary health care or case management provider can refer you to a counselor, social worker, someone living with HIV/AIDS, or a mental health professional.


Depression and mental health issues can lower the quality of life among HIV-positive individuals and their families. It can also affect participation in HIV care and treatment programs. Find groups in your area here:

Planning Councils


The Orlando EMA HIV Services Planning Council guides the use of Ryan White Part A funds. The Planning Council established by the Chief Elected Officer (CEO) Mayor Teresa Jacobs, is a legislative body operating under the authority of the Ryan White Treatment Extension Act of 2009 and has the legislative authority to carry out its assigned tasks and duties as specified by the Health Resource and Service Administration (HRSA). For more information on how to become a member, please call 407-254-9390. For more information about the council, when they meet, and how to be involved, please visit here. Central Florida AIDS Planning Consortium (CFAP)- The mission of CFAP is To improve the quality of live for individuals with HIV/AIDS by responding to their existing and emerging needs and to provide educational and behavioral strategies to targeted populations, to reduce and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. There are many different committees of CFAP: PR/Marketing, Comprehensive Planning Committee, Prevention Committee, and Membership committee. Go to for more information and details on the different committees.