“I wish for more freedom of speech and openness. Without condemnation, without judgement, without whispers, and without worrying about what your neighbor is saying. Before you judge have a conversation with a gay man or gay woman and I promise you you’ll realize that we’re all the same and every person was gifted with their own gift; a gift that this world needs…..besides when it’s all said and done, we all come from the same Earth! Yes, I am my brother’s and sister’s keeper!” – LaDawn Pierre

“Every man should feel confident enough to love who he wants without judgement, hesitance, or condemnation. Sex is a part of human interaction, however Its important to protect your temple (body), only you can love your body with the utmost respect, have fun and enjoy, but protect your life, you only get 1. There are so many individuals in the world battling HIV/AIDS, without even knowing, get tested so you will know where you stand with bravery and confidence.” – Shemela Morrison


“Education is key when it comes to HIV Health and Awareness. As the Director of Clinical Services for the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida, it is important that each and every individual who walks into our clinic for services are educated on methods for practicing safer sex. There are many resources and tools for PREP that people still need to be informed about. National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day should be a day filled with PREP education and resources that are made accessible in today’s society to reduce the epidemic for HIV in our world.” – Ashnika Ali